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Ottawa, Visual Entertainment, Dancers, Performers, Stilt Walkers, Aerialists, LED Robots, Acrobats, Fire Breathers, Martini Dolls, Turnkey Festival Production, Booking Agency
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noun \tap\tir\ TOP: The highest point, level, or part of something; summit, crown. TYR: Each in a series of rows, levels of a structure placed one above the other


is an Ottawa, ON – Canada based production company that has been involved in making shows happen for over a decade. We’ve acquired many skill sets over the years which has enabled us to succeed in a variety of areas in the entertainment industry. Festivals, galas, special events, car shows, nightlife – we’ve been there. our work ethic has paved the way – we deliver professional service and our creativity and signature style is nothing less than TOPTYR.


TOPTYR is a dream that has come full circle

Above all, TOPTYR is the culmination of blood, sweat, tears and hours of raw emotion. We are about this life and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be living it under our own banner.




Tyrone Taylor, Co-Founder TOPTYR

Business Development, Artistic Direction and Media.

Tyrone has been in and around shows as a performer, tech, manager and eventually director since 2001. Being in so many roles over the years has given him a chance to see the bigger picture when it comes to production. As a classically trained musician, producer and DJ – Tyrone has played a multitude of cities and venues and still continues to perform today. His understanding of what it takes to be a performer allows TOPTYR to connect with it’s artists and ensure that they are comfortable technically. You will find Tyrone out and about with his camera, scouting and planning our next moves.

Lana Pacheco, Co-Founder TOPTYR

Operations, Management and Talent Acquisition

Lana has been directing traffic since early 2002. With a knack for precious details, it’s no surprise she quickly found her way into some of the biggest shows in the region. She has managed stages and back stages, directed artists and worked on local and national events. Lana’s fierce attitude is the driving force behind TOPTYR. Creatively, Lana can take interpret and conceptualize anything from costumes, to stages to layouts. Combined with her expertise in logistics, grants, and contracting she is a wealth of knowledge with the perfect balance of determination.