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Our Team

Meet the TOPTYR Family
Libby Davey, Dancer and Choreographer
Libby is our resident class clown. An energetic soul with a strong hip hop mind, Libby is somehow gentle and rough all at the same time. She’s the perfect balance between trained dance and street dance. Her creativity has lead her to choreograph many pieces and play a big part of the uOttawa Dance Team.
Monica Hutchins, Dancer
Monica is our little angel that can. A trained dancer who recently moved to Ottawa, Monica brings a strong hip hop infused style. You may experience overwhelming symptoms if you get caught staring as she bats her pretty eyes with her infectious smile.
Justine Allen, Dancer and Acrobat
Justine is all about that double trouble. She’s fantastic dancer and teacher at the Canterbury Community Association as well as a member of the uOttawa Dance Team who also taught at uOttawa. With an ace up her sleeve, Justine brings exciting acrobatics to her dance routines thanks in large part to her acro studies!
Caitlin Sievert, Dancer and Pole Fitness
Caitlin is the brains and the beauty. An international Development student at uOttawa, Caitlin is often travelling the world literally broadening her horizons. Caitlin is a freestyle dancer with great pole fitness skills.
Patrick Camille, Dancer
Patrick, our Haitian Prince; currently a TV & Broadcasting student at Algonquin college he can be found out an about with his camera. He excels in many disciplines including hip-hop, salsa, popping/locking/tutting. In only a few short years, Patrick has shown he’s hungry to reach the next level.
Krystel Belle, Dancer and Model
Krystel is the full package. She’s a glamour and fitness model and a talented dancer. You can find her in front of the camera posing for the money shot or on stage dancing up a storm.
Maxime Villeneuve, Firebreather and Special FX Makeup
Max is a talented circus artist who loves to breathe fire. She is honing her Special FX make up skills and can make the even the prettiest of barbies look like they were raised from the dead.
Oms Hopkinson, Painter and Founder of the Beneficial Art Movement
Omar, best known as OMS is a seasoned veteran in the art game. He has graduated from both the Ontario College of Art and Design as well as the Toronto School of Art. He has been painting for over 15 years and is well versed in live art, canvas’, and murals. His cool, calm and collective demeanour might throw you for a loop but OMS is one of the most active people you will ever meet.
Olivier Jolicoeur, Firebreather and Circus Acts
Olivier is a graduate of the Quebec school of Circus and like Max loves to breathe fire. Together, they form a strong duo. Olivier has lots of tricks up his sleeves has strong showmanship. If you ask him politely, he may even juggle with some chainsaws for you.
Martine Bernier, Model and Hostess
Martine is an aspiring model with an overly infectious smile. Her confidence radiates and her welcoming demeanour is perfect for any promotional event. 
Amanda Tam, Dancer
Our asian sensation who isn’t afraid to buck the trends! Amanda was part of the uOttawa GeeGees dance team. She loves to travel and is pretty hard to keep track of. If you catch her today count your blessings as she’ll likely be halfway across the world globetrotting tomorrow!  
Karin Arseneault, Aerialist and owner of Cirque Carpe Diem
Karin epitomizes “beast mode”. She is a multi-talented aerial performer well-versed in circus acts, trapeze, silk and many other discplines. She’s a superstar who loves to be high up in the sky.  
Randi Saunders, Artistic Director, My Dance Productions
Randi is a talented dancer and choreographer who has been making waves in the Nation’s Capital for a few years now. She’s dead serious when it comes to bringing a show and always brings energy to the room with her bright smile. 
Nick Lefebvre, Dancer
Nick’s years of hard work are paying him dividends and he is finally becoming the person he was meant to be. He was part of the uOttawa Dance Team and has now graduated is following his dreams being recruited to perform on Celebrity Cruise Lines!  
Rio B, Pole Dancer, Cherry Blossom
Rio is a uOttawa grad and a phenomenal pole dancer who’s got style and grace. Her fearless attitude has allowed her to thrive and become a great pole dancer in only a few short years. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with as many good vibes as her.  
Erin Chapman, Dancer
A multi-disciplined dancer, Erin isn’t afraid to take on new challenges. Over the last couple years, she has thrown herself into aerials and pole skills. Most importantly, Erin isn’t afraid to stand tall! 
Marianne Trenka, Multi-discplined Aerialist and Founder of HoopDanse
A multitalented performer, Marianne has several tricks up her sleeves. Catch her spinning up a storm in her custom designed aerial wegsphere!  
Val Rochette, Dancer
Val is a firecracker with an infectious smile. More importantly, she’s all about her business when it comes to dance. Not many go harder than her. 
Kiki Ayoub, Dancer
The princess formally known as Kiki is no joke. Don’t mess with her brand. Drawing from several styles of dance, Kiki is on a whole other level when she hits the floor. Style and grace, nothing less. 
Amanda LeClaire, Dancer
Amanda has provided us with so many spectacular moments over the years. She never fails to live up to our expectations. A simple, down to earth girl with great talent. If you ask politely, she might even give you a crash course on proper nutrition and how to hit some killer yoga poses.  
Tanya Clark, Dancer
Tanya is what you would call an O.G in this game. She has likely danced for every top DJ you can name. She brings an unparalleled amount of energy to the stage and when she isn’t dancing she’s a boss with the clippers